Introductory Mini Yoga Series
No one is "too stiff or "out of shape" to start yoga. Let this special introductory class series be the initiative you need to start a new, healthy and satisfying life style.

This five week introductory yoga class series is a new addition to our regular class schedule. This class is designed to meet the needs of people who have no prior yoga experience, have been away from yoga for a long while, or are unfamiliar with the Iyengar approach. 

Class size limitedPlease call to register: 814.237.3042
Or Click Here to print a flyer to mail in registration

Intro Dates
Summer / Fall

July 17 - August 14

August 21 - September 18

September 25 - October 23

October 30 - November 27

7:15 - 8:45 PM

5 Wk Sessions -  $55

One class a week for five weeks 

ou will learn:

 * how to improve daily posture 
    (i.e. standing, sitting)

* elementary standing poses for 
    gaining strength and stamina

* seated and supine poses for 
    flexibility and awareness

* importance of the breath and its 
    positive effects

* resting supportive poses, relaxation
    and more ....

Taught by
Jean Sanders