Our Philosophy:

Yoga is more than exercise.


 5 Week Session:  June 14 - July 17

All Classes 75 minutes


Monday at 10 am

Tuesday at 6 pm

Thursday at 9:30 am

Saturday at 9:30 am 

Kate: Wednesday at 9 am

 Amy: Friday at 9 am

Flash!  Two in-person classes with Amy:

June 18 & 20

to Register email: rlerner108@comcast.net

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Yoga is a multi-faceted discipline with the potential to enhance our life - body, mind & spirit.

General Class Information and Descriptions
  • Classes are 1.5 hours

  • Please come with an empty stomach

  • All classes include poses for strength, flexibility, improved breathing, revitalization, and relaxation. Each week focuses on a different theme.

  • Please advise your instructor before class if you have any significant health concerns.

  • Expect our teachers to demonstrate the poses, show proper use of props and equipment, give verbal instructions and at times physical correction or assistance to help improve your posture and alignment.

  • Our studio is well equipped with various props and equipment to help enrich your experience of Yoga.

  • Make up Policy: Absences are non-refundable. Make-ups available within current session.

  • Private Instruction Available: Tailored for your specific needs.  By appointment.


Upcoming Classes and More information! This five week series is designed for people with no prior yoga experience. Learn beginning yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques. Emphasis on posture, alignment and body awareness. No one is "too stiff" or out of shape. Beginners are encouraged to take this course before enrolling in other classes. Pre-registration required for these classes. More information here. 


For beginners or those desiring a mild, slow paced class. Relaxation, restorative and recuperative poses are emphasized. This level is recommended for students returning to yoga after a long while and pre-natal students. Enjoy a revitalzing class in a supportive atmosphere. 

Gentle/Level I

For those desiring a more relaxed class pace. Perfect for individuals working through injuries or after a period away from practice.

Level 1

On-going classes to learn fundamental postures and breathing for continued growth in yoga. This dynamic class is recommended for the average beginner and continuing student.

Level 1 & 2

A variety of postures for continuing students. This mixed level class includes basic, intermediate, and advanced poses.