Meet Our Teachers

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Co-Owner of the Center and Level 4 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Dean Lerner, M.S.

Dean has been practicing Yoga since the mid-1970's, teaching since 1982 and in the State College area since 1985. He has studied with Shri B.K. S. Iyengar on numerous occasions both in the USA and in India.  Dean also teaches workshops nationally and abroad. 


Co-Owner of the Center and Level 4 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Rebecca Lerner

Rebecca is an IYNAUS assessor. A devoted practitioner since the late ’70s, Rebecca conducts workshops nationally and abroad as well as teacher education programs. Her expertise is the ability to guide her students deeply into the poses in a fresh, insightful and meaningful way. She has a compassionate and dynamic teaching style that brings each student a heightened yogic experience through the practice and application of asana, pranayama and philosophy within each class. She studies regularly with the Iyengars in Pune.


Co-Owner of the Center and Level 2 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Kate Marshall-Chase

Kate has been practicing and studying Iyengar yoga for 35 years. Certified at the Intermediate Junior I level, Kate's teaching style is both lively and informative as she eagerly supports her students in finding the many ways Iyengar yoga can transform their lives. Kate's yoga practice has been influenced by continued study with Senior teachers and the Iyengar family in Pune. She has travelled three times to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI).

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Jean Sanders

Jean Sanders, an art professor at PSU, has been studying Yoga with Dean and Rebecca and with other senior teachers as well, since 1993.  She began teaching yoga in 1995 and is known as a very competent, generous and caring teacher.

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Kelly Kennedy 

Kelly is an enthusiastic student of yoga. He has been studying Yoga with Dean and Rebecca since 1997, and has been teaching at the Center and other locations since 2000. He brings a wealth of understanding and insight to his classes and has completed Intermediate Jr I level training for certification

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Becky Rumbel

Becky is a long time student of Dean and Rebecca and has been practicing yoga since 1997. She brings tremendous practical experience to her classes.   Becky has been teaching yoga at the Center and other locals since 1999. In addition to teaching, she is an environmental educator and team-builder facilitator and has a great passion in helping connect people to the natural world.

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Amy Rumbel

Amy is a long time student of Dean and Rebecca and has been practicing yoga since 1998. She continues her yoga teacher training and practice focusing on alignment, integrity, opening and balance in poses. Amy's background includes massage therapy, social work and health education and she brings a compassionate, loving energy to her teaching. When not doing yoga or massage, Amy is outdoors - hiking, running or cycling - or reading a book somewhere!

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Peg Spear

Peg has studied at the Center for Well-Being with Dean and Rebecca Lerner since 1997.  Peg ‘s yoga practice, study and teaching is informed in part by her lifelong work as a primary care physician.  She is interested in the ways in which yoga contributes to physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  She also has a special interest in the ways in which a holistic yoga practice can help individuals dealing with various chronic health conditions maintain wellness, energy and a positive outlook. 

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Brucie Serene

Brucie Serene has practiced yoga for 25 years. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology gives her insight into the how-to's of practicing the asanas, and help her adjust asanas for students with special needs. She can often be found on her bicycle or on a long walk outdoors. Brucie's deep love of and respect for our environment fuel her interest in studying the philosophy of a yogic life. She is an enthusiastic substiute teacher for our CWB classes.

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Website and Social Media Manager, Photographer

Briel Driscoll

Briel is behind the scenes at the Center taking pictures for social media and keeping the website up to date. In addition she offers Reiki sessions and Herbal Consultations at the center. She is currently studying with Dean and Rebecca and working towards Iyengar Yoga teaching certification. 

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