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Co-Owner of the Center, Bodywork Therapist and CIYT 

Kate Marshall-Chase

Kate has been providing a variety of bodywork therapies since 1983. Integrating over 40 years of yoga training and natural lifestyle practices into her bodywork sessions, Kate strives to help her clients achieve balance in their lives through relaxation, healing and rejuvenation. Yoga, cycling, cooking, reading, family and friends bring joy to Kate's life.



Doris Rogalla

Doris Rogalla, BA, LMT. For over 25 years Doris has been practicing Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral and Lymph Drainage Therapy. She tailors her sessions to best meet her clients' needs, aiming to bring awareness to underlying causes of tension and muscle pain. Witnessing improvement and a restored sense of balance in her clients is one of her greatest rewards. 

Doris is a voracious reader and movie watcher, and loves spending time in the woods with her dogs. 

Maintaining a peaceful and simple life is Doris' recipe for her own well-being.



Amy Rumbel

Amy Rumbel, LMT, has been practicing massage for 15 years. She practices relaxing Swedish massage and Deep Fascia Release techniques in addition to using Hot Stones, when requested. She loves to get massages as much as give them, and believes that massage has not just a great physical effect but an emotional and mental effect as well. She is always working toward helping clients, and herself, develop healthier and new ways to use their bodies and minds for health and happiness in this life.


Traditional Western Herbalist, Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

Briel Beaty (Driscoll)

Briel is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Traditional Western Herbalist. She studied Reiki at The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelpia and got her teaching certificate from Learn Reiki Philadelphia she has been practicing Reiki since 2009. Briel holds a 450 hour certificate from the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine where she also served as an herbal apprentice to 7Song. She  also attended a year long herbalism course with Susan Hess. Briel also teaches dance, movement and yoga and enjoys finding where all of these things intersect. You can schedule Reiki sessions, herbal consultations or combination private sessions with her at CWB.



Lisa Reeder

Lisa has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past twelve years.

She strives to have a practice that focuses on clients in their mid-life

and beyond but one that not only addresses the physical concerns of

pain but also the psycho-social components - a fancy way to say she

realizes that pain can be more than an “issue in the tissue”! Her

continuing education has led her to become Certified in Manual Lymph

Drainage and she is studying to become a Lymphadema specialist. Lisa’s

goal is to help clients decrease their pain and increase their mobility. To

keep her grounded, she enjoys her 4 grandchildren, reading, and

outdoor walks.

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